Montessori Schools are private centres that offer an education based on all the best aspects of the British educational system and the educational philosophy of the Montessori method.


Dear parents,


Let me take this opportunity to greet you and thank you for your interest in our educational project.


We started over 20 years ago with our first school, always prioritizing the introduction of Maria Montessori’s educational method within the context of a British school in Spain. I firmly believe that education must be a process in which we channel children’s learning capacities whilst stiring their inborn curiosity. Children must obtain their autonomy and develop their self-esteem. Our intention is to create educational opportunities that guide our pupils to reach their full potential.


From the beginning, our centres have grown to house more than a thousand pupils. Implementing a British education system has served to guarantee mastery of the English language and international recognition of our students qualifications. It has also served to maintain, throughout all stages, the focus on practice, a sense of purpose and research in line with Montessori philosophy.


Now that our project stands firm, my greatest satisfaction is keeping up with the trajectory of our former students, to see their achievements in higher education, their success upon incorporating in the world of work and above all, their capacity to confront whatever challenges they may come upon as well-balanced, confident and well-prepared individuals. These former students highly value their experience at our school, which for me means that we have successfully fulfilled our objectives.


Without further ado, let me give you a warm welcome to Montessori School.


Mª Victoria Nicolás,